calculating bundy clock adds totals for 100 people, totaling, Seiko then it prints staff hours. The paying of money for hours lost because of injuries taken in the line of duty demands printed evidence that the person was on duty at the moment of the injury. Best prices.

calculating bundy clock adds totals for 100 people, Seiko calculating bundy clock adds time up, prints totals
Seiko calculating bundy clock adds, weekly hours
Saving a lot of Hours and Money.
Ideal for small business for 1 to 100 employees.
The intelligent attendance clock giving added results.
Worlds best featured calculating bundy clock adds
Best in its class. Totals each period, day, week.

Main Features:

Auto-feed & auto-eject of the cards, no overprints.
♦  Perpetual calendar, to year 2099 for automatic
    advancement to current day, month and year.
♦  Select 3 pay periods: monthly, weekly and
    bi-weekly on calculating bundy clock adds.
♦  Automatic Daylight Saving adjustment.
♦  Lithium backup battery 5 years data protection.
♦  Calculate elapsed minutes between punches and
    print a running total of accumulated hours.
♦  Print IN/OUT as often as needed per day.
♦  2 types of different day schedules can be set in
    a week  -- Common schedule / Extra schedule.
♦  Special mark printing “!” for irregular recognition.
♦  Memory capacity --
Maximum of 100 cards.
♦  Automatic differentiation between the front and
    back of an encoded totaling card.
♦  Cassette type: purple ink ribbon.
♦  Back lit large LCD calculating bundy clock adds

  Clock:       Digital (date and time)
  Accuracy: Monthly accuracy + 15sec at ordinary
  Ribbon cassette: Mono color (purple) fabric
  Power:     240 VAC 50/60 Hz
  Dimensions(WxHxD): 160x205x128mm
  Weight:    Approx. 1.5 kg (3.3lb)
  Specifications subject to change without notice.

♦  Ribbon cassette: QR-35051N
♦  Time cards: Coded for Seiko


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Click for 100 staff calculating bundy clock adds time prices and ordering
QR-395 only $748.
Package price:
$770 includes:
400 timecards,
25 slot cardrack, GST, delivery, 1yr warranty.

Seiko QR-395
Seiko printer
calculating bundy clock adds
Seiko weekly-fortnightly monthly
Alltime totaling terminal

QR-375 cards are two sided
Cards show the daily totals
calculating bundy clock adds the basis of payroll figures. The minimum wageEmployers who have for years considered calculating bundy clock adds records indispensable for their internal accounting are today finding such records of inestimable value in furnishing state and federal agencies the records and reports calculating bundy clock addsthat have become mandatory as the result of social security legislation. And maximum hour laws make it mandatory that the employer have accurate, indisputable records of hours worked and wages paid for proof of compliance. Save your labour and money, now. Bonuses for prompt attendance obviously in demand. Impartial, and impersonal decisions regarding the punctuality or tardiness of those eligible to participate. These and similar benefits for employees are predicated, in the final analysis, on accurate records of hours. What can be more accurate records of hours made by the employee when he mechanically records his hours of arrival and departure by using a recorder.The problems of fellow workers or buddies punching in for another employee are greatly reduced. When the employees are informed that its fraud.

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